Response to the Tobacco Act, 1729 We, the representatives of the Colony of Virginia, appreciate the support in the form of stabilizing the Tobacco Farming Industry that the government has provided. Some farmers have suffered as a consequence of the passage of this act, & as a result some membersContinue Reading

Lieutenant-Governor Spotswood and the Internal Regulation of Tobacco, 29 December 1713 I last gave you some of the steps we’ve taken to prevent tobacco fraud. But now we have to talk about why the tobacco industry has been mismanaged. A lot of people are just going into the business toContinue Reading

The Secretary of Virginia Reports of Self-Regulation Without Benefit of Legislation, 8 May 1682 Bad news, everyone, what’s been going on down in Gloucester County is putting everyone in harm’s way. They pretty much have decided that they won’t be planting any tobacco this year. The “lawmen” have been goingContinue Reading

Samuel Davies, Letter to Reverend Doctor Doddridge, 2 October 1750 The Church of England was established in the colony of Virginia from the beginning & there weren’t more than 4 or 5 dissenters within 100 miles until a few years ago. Religion was loose & not very strict in Virginia.Continue Reading

Robert Beverley on Bacon’s Rebellion, 1704 The reasons are subtle. It’s not feasible that 2 or 3 traders would do it for a monopoly on Indian trade. People wouldn’t get behind it to overthrow a popular governor unanimously elected & who had served for many, many years. 4 ingredients: 1Continue Reading

Early Establishment of Local Government: County, Town, Legal System (17th Century) Virginia – 1634 Dividing Virginia into 8 shires: James City Henrico Charles City Elizabeth City Warwick River Warrosquyoake Charles River Accawmack Lieutenants, same as in England, but mostly to deal with Indians Sheriffs, same as in England Sergeants &Continue Reading

The Virginia Declaration of Rights (June 12, 1776) All men by nature are free & independent. They have certain inherent right, which can’t be taken away in society – enjoyment of life & property, acquiring & possessing property, & pursuing & obtaining happiness All the power of representatives are vestedContinue Reading

An Ordinance and Constitution of the Virginia Company in England for a Council of State and General Assembly (24 July 1621) We’re trying to establish self-government in Virginia to help the people here to address injustice, grievances & oppression – or to avoid them by establishing supreme councils to assistContinue Reading

The Third Virginia Charter (1612) King James offers a charter to adventurous subjects in the colony of Virginia, to push Christianity, civilization & to make money. These settlers should form a body politic with the cooperation of the Virginia Company We grant letters patents to settlers between Virginia in Cape/PointContinue Reading

The King Overrides Virginia’s Objections to the Grant Given Lord Baltimore (1629-1633) July 3, 1633 – to Lords Commissioners for Foreign Plantation Virginia planters object to a grant given to others reapportioning their lands, which may create problems with trade, government, etc. Lord Baltimore was one of the grantees. BaltimoreContinue Reading

Disagreements With the Virginia Company (1623) There’s been talk among the farmers, sea captains, sailors & others in Virginia & there have been many concerns. Some of them are brought up here, coupled with some answers from the “company men”. This was sent off the to company HQ back inContinue Reading

Instructions for the Virginia Colony, 1606 Please take care of instructions coming from the King by way of the Privy Seal When you get to the Virginia coast, find a safe port on a navigable river, running far into the land. If multiple rivers are there, choose one with manyContinue Reading