Shakespeare – Macbeth Summary   Act 1, Scene 1 In this scene, 3 witches meet up in a deserted area. They decide to meet again once the fighting is over, which they predict will be at sundown on the heath. They say they will meet with Macbeth about something butContinue Reading

On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth by Thomas de Quincey (1823) I was always puzzled about the knocking at the gate in Macbeth right after Duncan’s murder. But I never knew why. It reflected back on the murder with an awfulness & solemnity… but why? Don’t pay attentionContinue Reading

Scene 1 – Dunsinane. Ante-room in the castle. [ENTER DOCTOR & WAITING GENTLEWOMAN] Doctor: You & I have been watching the last 2 nights but I haven’t seen anything of what you’ve said. When did she last walk? Gentlewoman: When the king went to war. I saw her get outContinue Reading

Scene 1 – A cavern. In the middle, a boiling cauldron. [THUNDER] [ENTER 3 WITCHES] Witch 1: The grey cat’s meowed 3 times. Witch 2: 3 times, & the hedgehog’s whined once. Witch 3: The harpy’s crying, “it’s time!” Witch 1: Round the cauldron, we throw in poison entrails. AContinue Reading

  Scene 1 – Forres. The palace [ENTER BANQUO] Banquo: Now you have it – King, Cawdor, Glamis – just like the 3 witches said. But I suspect you of foul play. But it was said it not to go on to your line but to mine to be rulers.Continue Reading

Scene 1 – Inverness – court within the castle [ENTER BANQUO & FLEANCE WITH A TORCH] Banquo: How are things, son? Fleance: The moon’s down but the clock hasn’t gone off. Banquo: & it goes down at 12. Fleance: It feels later than that. Banquo: Take my sword. The heavensContinue Reading

Macbeth by Shakespeare – Act 1 Characters: Duncan, King of Scotland Malcolm, Ducan’s son Donalbain, Duncan’s son Macbeth, General of the King’s Army Banquo, General of the King’s Army Macduff, Noble of Scotland Lennox, Noble of Scotland Ross, Noble of Scotland Menteith, Noble of Scotland Angus, Noble of Scotland Caithness,Continue Reading

Hecabe by Euripides   Setting: In front of Agamemnon’s tent on the shores of Thrace. Characters: Ghost of Polydorus, Hecabe, Polyxena, Odysseus, Talthybius, Agamemnon, Polymestor, Attendant, Chorus   Ghost: I’m Polydorus, son of Hecabe & Priam. My father sent me away when the Greeks came. I went to Thrace whereContinue Reading

Medea by Euripides Characters: Nurse, Tutor, Medea, Chorus of Corinthian Women, Creon (king of Corinth), Jason, Aegeus (king of Athens), Messenger, Medea’s 2 children Scene: in front of Jason’s house in Corinth Nurse: If only the Argo had never gone to Colchis. If only the boat had never been built.Continue Reading

Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus (525 BC – 456 BC) List of characters: K = Kratos (God of Strength) HP = Hephaestus (God of Blacksmithing & Fire) P = Prometheus (Titan, personifying science & technology – name means “foresight”) C = Chorus of Oceanids (Daughters of Oceanus) O = Oceanus (Titan,Continue Reading

“Poetics” by Aristotle 1 Trying to tackle poetry, variations – giving the the essentials, structure of plot & parts of a good poem, etc. Epics, tragedies, comedies, dithryambic poetry, flute & lyre music & all forms of imitation differences – medium, objects & manner of imitation People imitate, either consciouslyContinue Reading

The Theban Plays by Sophocles – Part 3 – “Antigone” The Theban Plays by Sophocles – Part 3 – “Antigone” [At the Royal Palace] Antigone – Ismene, what’s the latest in father’s curse? I haven’t really had much trouble. But there’s been an edict issued. Ismene – Nothing since ourContinue Reading

The Theban Plays by Sophocles – Part 2 – “Oedipus at Colonus” [At Colonus ~ 1 mile NW of Athens in a grove sacred to the Furies. Enter Oedipus and daughter, Antigone] Oedipus – Where are we? Can you see if there’s somewhere to rest? Maybe someone can tell usContinue Reading

Oedipus the King – Sophocles [At the Royal Palace with Priest, Oedipus and suppliants with suppliant branches] Oedipus – What’s with all the branches, incense and sickness? Fill me in, Priest Priest – There’s a plague. The people are sick. The plants and animals are all dying. Please, do somethingContinue Reading

The Oresteia by Aeschylus – Part 3 – “The Eumenides” [At Delphi in front of Apollo’s Temple] Prophetess – This temple has had so many seers and gods to help us see. I’ll see all the people in turn [Goes in and then quickly rushes out]. OH SHIT!!! What didContinue Reading

The Oresteia by Aeschylus – Part 2 – “Choephoroe (Libation Bearers)” Choephoroe (The Libation Bearers) by Aeschylus [At Agamemnon’s Tomb] [Orestes and Pylades enter] Orestes – Hermes, send my father a message [Snips a lock of his own hair]. Take this for Argos [Snips another lock]. This is for myContinue Reading

The Oresteia by Aeschylus – Part 1 – “Agamemnon”   Watchman – I’ve been watching for a beacon for the last 12 months. Some sign of goings-on in the war. Victory or defeat or the arrival of Agamemnon. I see a signal of victory over Troy. Agamemnon will be happyContinue Reading

“Hamlet” by Shakespeare Act 1 Scene 1 Guards are changing shifts at night along the castle walls. A ghost has been appearing walking around at night. Hamlet’s friend, Horatio, wants to see it for himself but doesn’t quite believe it. He shows up but he won’t to them and thenContinue Reading