The Iliad by Homer – Book 24 After the games, the men went back to their ships and ate. Achilles returned his thoughts to Patroclus. He cheered himself up by dragging Hector’s body around. Apollo wouldn’t let this disfigure the body. Most the gods hated seeing this. Apollo spoke toContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 23 The Greeks got back to their ships. Achilles spoke: Achilles – Let’s pay our respects to Patroclus and then eat He spoke to the body – I’ll do what I promised. I’ll feed Hector to the dogs and kill loads more Trojans HeContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 22 Book 22 The Trojans were in the city Apollo let Achilles know he had fooled him to let the Trojans in. Hector was standing at the gate Achilles is pissed off that he’d been fooled but realizes he can’t do anything about AchillesContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 21 Achilles chased the Trojans to the river where they split into 2 groups 1 – went back to the city 2 – was pinned against the river where many drowned Achilles attacked and killed so many that the river turned red with theContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 20 Jove called a meeting of the Gods All right. I’m not participating in this battle anymore. Do whatever you like. Just a warning Achilles is pissed off and won’t stop until Hector’s dead and he’ll probably destroy Troy. The gods chose sides ForContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 19 Thetis brought him the armor at dawn. Thetis – You’ve got to stop crying like that I’ve brought you the best armor ever made. Make good use of it Achilles – I like it. I’ll wear it but I’m afraid the flies willContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 18 Antilochus was on his way to Achilles Achilles watched the battle and wondered around Achilles – The bravest Myrmidon is supposed to die. Patroclus was told not to attack the city… Antilochus arrived and told him the news that Patroclus is dead andContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 17 Menelaus was upset about Patroclus’s death. Euphorbus told him to back off because is his trophy. Menelaus threatened him because of his pride. Euphorbus – Yea, well you killed my brother and I’ll avenge his widow He threw a spear at Menelaus’s shieldContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 16 As the fight continues, Patroclus come to Achilles in tears Achilles asks him about everything apart from the battle. Patroclus – The Greeks are losing badly. Diomed, Ulysses, Agamemnon, Eurypylus are all injured. The doctors are doing what they can but the onlyContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 15 When the Trojans saw the damaged done, they stopped When Jove saw what Neptune allowed the Greeks to do the Trojans and Hector vomiting blood, he turned to Juno Jove – You conniving little witch. All that shit last night was to getContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 14 As the battle wore on, Nestor was having a drink, he asked Machaon Nestor – What’s going on with all the belly-aching? It’s so loud and I can’t enjoy my wine He got up to see the state of the Greek army andContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 13 Jove allowed the Trojans to get to the Greek ships but forgot about Troy and the possibility other gods would get involved. Neptune was watching. He felt bad for the Greeks and rode down to the bottom of the sea to get evenContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 12 Patroclus was seeing to Eurypylus but the battle was still going on. The wall and trench weren’t perfect because it was failing due to the fact that they hadn’t prayed for its immortality Apollo made the rivers rise. Jove made it rain andContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 11 Jove sends down Discord to rile the Greeks Agamemnon was ready to go – angrier and more violent than eve. His armor, sword and shield were something you’d expect from a king. Each warrior had his horses held by his charioteer while heContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 10 The Greeks were all sleeping – except Agamemnon. He watched the Trojan fires on the plain and looked his troops and sighed. He decided to go speak with Nestor. Meanwhile, Menelaus couldn’t sleep either. He felt bad that all the Greeks were thereContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 9 Panic set in overnight for the Greeks. Agamemnon with tears in his eyes – Jove promised me the sacking of Troy but it’s obvious he was lying. Let’s go home The men felt sad but then Diomed spoke Diomed – Just the otherContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 8 At the beginning of the next day, Jove spoke to the gods Jove – I’d better not catch any of you intervening on behalf of any of the Greeks or Trojans, I’ll knock you down from Olympus to Hades if I do MinervaContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 6 Ajax broke through a Trojan phalanx and killed Acamas, Thrace’s best fighter Diomed, Euryalus, Menelaus killed some more Menelaus tried to take Adrestus alive – he ran away but was caught He pleaded for his life and offered lots of money Agamemnon toldContinue Reading

The Iliad by Homer – Book 5   Minerva gave a super boost to Diomed. She gave him a fire flare in his shield and a blinding light in his helmet, as well as amazing speed. 2 of Vulcan’s sons charged past him in a chariot and missed him DiomedContinue Reading