“Leviathan Book 1” by Thomas Hobbes (1651) – Chapter 12 – Chapter 16 Chapter 12 – Of Religion Religion is purely from man 1 – Because man is the only one to look for the causes of events as well as why things turn out well or badly 2 –Continue Reading

“Leviathan Book 1” by Thomas Hobbes (1651) – Chapter 6 – Chapter 11 Chapter 6 – Of the Interior Beginnings of Voluntary Motions, Commonly Called the Passions; and the Speeches by Which They Are Expressed 2 types of motion Vital/involuntary – breathing, blood circulation, organs working, metabolic functions, etc. Don’tContinue Reading

“Leviathan Book 1” by Thomas Hobbes (1651) Introduction Nature can create things through man If life is but the moving of limbs, everything that comes as a consequence is artificial life Even further than man’s physical creations is the Leviathan of State – greater than a state of nature ItContinue Reading