Tartuffe by Molière (1664) – Act 1 Scene 1 Madame Pernelle – No one listens to a word, I saw. I can’t stay here any longer. No one can hear anything anyone says. Come one, Flipote. Let’s get out of here… Dorine – But… Madame Pernelle – You’re just anContinue Reading

“Resolutions when I Come to Be Old” by Jonathan Swift (1709) Don’t marry a young woman Don’t keep company unless they really want it Don’t be angry, sad, envious or suspicious Don’t complain about the modern area Don’t like children Don’t tell the same story over & over Don’t neglectContinue Reading

“A Meditation upon a Broomstick” by Jonathan Swift (1701) The broomstick propped up in the corner was once a tree flowing with life Now everyone who touches it does so out of drudgery Supposed to make other things clean & makes itself dirty in the process It’ll either be thrownContinue Reading

  Pantagruel Prologue The following is an account of Pantagruel, which is just as believable as that of Gargantua. No story will ever be as fantastic as that of Gargantua, except that of Pantagruel. Chapter 1 Let’s start with his pedigree. In order to understand someone as good as Pantagruel,Continue Reading

“Gargantua and Pantagruel” Book I by François Rabelais   “Gargantua and Pantagruel” by François Rabelais Book I Chapter 1 Gargantua is the father of Pantagruel, both giants. We should all be so lucky as to have our genealogy laid out so neatly as theirs. There are so many people withContinue Reading

  From what I have read about Greek plays, I gather that they are meant to be watched in bunches. I doubt very much that a modern audience has the time or patience to sit through three plays. But then again, we’ve got a lot more options for entertainment andContinue Reading

“Clouds” by Aristophanes   Strepsiades wakes up complaining that neither his servants nor his son have woken up to start the day off. He complains that the only thing his son does is ride horses which is starting rack up some debts because of this. The son, Phidippides is talkingContinue Reading