“The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer (1951) – Part 4 – Beginning & End Chapter 15 – Men of Words (104-109) 104 – Mass movements don’t usually rise until the prevailing order has been discredited. Discrediting is not automatically the result of blunders & abuse of those in power butContinue Reading

“The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer (1951) – Part 3 – Factors Promoting Self-Sacrifice Chapter 12 – Preface (43) 43 – The vigor of mass movements comes from followers’ united action & self-sacrifice. We ascribe success of a movement to faith, doctrine, propaganda, etc. but it’s really unification & inculcationContinue Reading

  “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer (1951) – Part 2 – The Potential Converts Chapter 4 – The Role of the Undesirables in Human Affairs (18-19) 18 – Often a society is judged by its least worthy members, fairly or unfairly. The middle class is typically inert. Those whoContinue Reading

“The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer (1951) – Part 1 – The Appeal of Mass Movements Preface The book deals with commonalities of mass movements, be they religious, social or national. They aren’t identical but have very similar traits. Adherents have a readiness to die & proclivity for united action.Continue Reading

Thomas Paine – African Slavery in America (1775) It’s more depressing than bizarre that some people would be willing to steal & enslave men by violence & murder for gain. Many civilized & Christian people approve this savage practice is contrary to nature, principles of justice & humanity, as wellContinue Reading

Disposition of the Biennial Act 1737 The Biennial Act of Carolina referring the biennial meeting of Assemblies & regulation of elections & members. It seems that these assemblies have powers that the Crown never gave to them. The power to convene Parliaments is the exclusive privilege of the Crown &Continue Reading

Governor Gabriel Johnston’s Request to Repeal the Biennial Act, 18 October 1736 I’m addressing your Lordships to ask you to advise His Majesty to repeal the Biennial Act, to order that no precinct send in more than 2 members, & relieve me of the task of establishing a precinct withoutContinue Reading

The Petition of London Merchants to Parliament, 11 February 1741 Many London merchants on behalf of others, as well as inhabitants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, have sent a petition to the House. While the crown & Parliament have been exerting their authority with respect to the Massachusetts & otherContinue Reading

[Anonymous], A Letter to the Merchant in London to Whom is Directed a Printed Letter Relating to the Manufactory Undertaking, 27 February 1740 In response to Dr. Douglass’s letter – it’s amazing the lengths that some will go to to make the Manufacturing scheme to look as bad as possibleContinue Reading

[Dr. William Douglass], A Letter to Merchant in London Concerning a Late Combination in the Province of Massachusetts Bay… to Impose or Force a Private-Currency Called Land-Bank Money, 21 February, 1740 I wish to address the proposal of creating a “Land-Bank” money/currency. The House & the Governor have come outContinue Reading

Response to the Tobacco Act, 1729 We, the representatives of the Colony of Virginia, appreciate the support in the form of stabilizing the Tobacco Farming Industry that the government has provided. Some farmers have suffered as a consequence of the passage of this act, & as a result some membersContinue Reading

Lieutenant-Governor Spotswood and the Internal Regulation of Tobacco, 29 December 1713 I last gave you some of the steps we’ve taken to prevent tobacco fraud. But now we have to talk about why the tobacco industry has been mismanaged. A lot of people are just going into the business toContinue Reading

The Secretary of Virginia Reports of Self-Regulation Without Benefit of Legislation, 8 May 1682 Bad news, everyone, what’s been going on down in Gloucester County is putting everyone in harm’s way. They pretty much have decided that they won’t be planting any tobacco this year. The “lawmen” have been goingContinue Reading

Thomas Bacon’s Sermon to Negro Slaves, 1743 “Knowing, that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.” [Ephesians 6:8] Last time we were together, I told you that God made you & all the world around you. GodContinue Reading

[Anthony Benezet], Instructions Regarding Negro Slaves Issued by the Society of Friends in its Monthly Meeting, 1754 It’s been brought up in every yearly meeting – importation & purchase of blacks & other slaves. We keep talking about it & it’s been a defining subject for Quakers. We need toContinue Reading

Remonstrance of John Daniell, John Yerworth, George Heskett, John Scott, and David Brown… Ship Carpenters, 25 January 1744 Many ship builders, carpenters & inhabitants of Charlestown, SC had been able to buy black slaves. They trained those slaves in their trade. As the slaves aged & were no longer ableContinue Reading

Royal Instructions to the Governors of the Colonies Forbidding Alteration in Representation, 24 July 1767 Instructions to all governors of British colonies in the New World: Many laws have been passed in various colonies where districts have been authorized to send representatives to the local assemblies. The King requires thatContinue Reading

A Petition from Inhabitants of Philadelphia, 14 February 1752 A petition has been sent to the House to complain that while the founder of the colony intended to give every inhabitant a share in legislative government that was in the very early days of the colony. Now the colony hasContinue Reading

A Memorial of Several Aggrievances & Oppressions of his Majesty’s Subjects in the Colony of New York in America, 1750 When the enemies of our country brought our country to its knees through Catholic supremacy & arbitrary government, God put our King George on the throne. We hope that thisContinue Reading

Connecticut’s Act to Regulate Abuses & to Correct Disorders in Ecclesiastical Affairs, 1742 The Assembly has made in their act to establish & confirm a confession of faith & an agreement of Church discipline made 1708 by the churches to establish peace & quietness. Unfortunately, a few people have beenContinue Reading