Social Justice Warrior Courses

NB! These are readings from courses from MIT’s Open Course Ware series of courses in many, many departments, topics, disciplines. Many of these are from the Women’s and Gender Studies department. This is an honest attempt to read into what SJWs, progressives and far-left political nuts are into.

  1. Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (link)
  2. Sexual and Gender Identities (link)
  3. Gender & Media: Collaborations in Feminism and Technology (link)
  4. Gender, Health, and Society (link)
  5. Gender and the Law in U.S. History (link)
  6. Identity and Difference (link)
  7. Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies (link)
  8. Violence, Human Rights, and Justice (link)
  9. Feminist Thought (link)