“Treatise on Arithmetical Triangle” by Blaise Pascal (1654) +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=  1st consequence – In every arithmetical triangle, all the cells of the first row & first column are the same as the generating cell. Each cell in the triangle is equal to the sum of the immediately preceding row & columnContinue Reading

“Measurement” by Norman Robert Campbell (1880-1949) Measurement is important because so many sciences are math-based & require it for measurement But explaining what it is is harder – its use, its rationale & this is an attempt at that What is measurement? wasn’t around until a high degree of civilizationContinue Reading

“Introduction to Arithmetic Book 2” by Nicomachus (c. 100 AD) An element is the smallest thing that can be analyzed letters are elements of speech & writing sounds are elements of melody 4 elements: fire, water, air & earth –> elements of the universe Equality is the elementary principle ofContinue Reading

  “Introduction to Arithmetic Book 1” by Nicomachus (c. 100 AD) Ancients defined Philosophy as the love of wisdom & those who had any knowledge in a field was “wise” Pythagoras restricted the term “wise” to one who had knowledge & understanding of reality Wisdom was knowledge or science ofContinue Reading