The Missus & I went to Oxford for the day. If you drive there, the best bet is to drive to a Park & Ride outside the city. You park, obviously, & ride the bus in. Apparently August is free for the parking part. The ride in was £4.80 for return ticket it for 2. The buses run every 10 minutes. In the end, it was totally worth it, as there’s virtually no place to park in the inner part of the city.

Oxford was cool. During the Coronavirus times, it was still fairly crowded. I can’t imagine what it’s like there during normal times or a particularly nice day. Coronavirus definitely has its benefits – fewer tourists & particularly eager restaurants & pubs with lots of specials to try to get people in to get to eat & drink.

I just got a new camera. I was tired of using the iPhone camera. It blows up pictures but doesn’t have a real zoom – it gets really grainy really quick. The photos came out OK – I’m still learning to use the thing, so I hope they get better.

Anyway, I don’t remember the names of these buildings in these photos but I do know some are university buildings & some city buildings. I highly recommend Blackwell’s Bookshop. Holy shit that place has a FANTASTIC classics (Greek & Roman) section on the top floor. I had to pull myself away after selecting just a couple of books. Many ££££££ could have been spent – I showed tremendous restraint. I bought 2 parts of Livy’s History of Rome (used) for £7.50. Yes, please!

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