A Memorial of Several Aggrievances & Oppressions of his Majesty’s Subjects in the Colony of New York in America, 1750

  • When the enemies of our country brought our country to its knees through Catholic supremacy & arbitrary government, God put our King George on the throne.
    • We hope that this will allow our country, including the colony of New York the ability to be relieved from oppressive government.
  • The governor, commissioners, council took the legislative power & the people lived by their rules until Gov. Dungan took power.
    • An assembly was called where privilege was declared to be the People’s Right.
    • The Act of Assembly that established the number of representatives to the various divisions of territories in the colony.
    • However, people outside of these divisions but still in the colony aren’t represented & any act of government in their name is not legitimate insofar as being representative of their will.
    • This extends to taxation. Most of the taxes being collected by the colony are from areas that aren’t actually represented in the colony’s legislature.
    • Under-representation in the assembly allows some people more say in government than others.
  • The oppression that people face here in New York is largely down to the lack of representation in the Assembly. If this were corrected, the people would be happier & wouldn’t complain as much.

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