Connecticut’s Act to Regulate Abuses & to Correct Disorders in Ecclesiastical Affairs, 1742

  • The Assembly has made in their act to establish & confirm a confession of faith & an agreement of Church discipline made 1708 by the churches to establish peace & quietness.
    • Unfortunately, a few people have been found guilty of disorderly & irregular practices. We’ve had to put our heads together to prevent the growth of non-establishment ministers & churches.
      • These churches & ministers do not have the required licenses to continue doing what they’ve been doing.
      • They’ve been preying on illiterate people who will believe anything said to them about the Gospels without the wherewithal to verify anything said or read from the Bible.
      • These practices have caused divisions among the people to the point where the colony can no longer tolerate this spread of non-established ideas, if just for the safety of its inhabitants.
  • All the members assembled here state that any ordained minister or licensed preacher going into a parish not under his ministration & preach to the people will be denied any benefit of the law of the colony made to support Gospel ministry.
    • The only exception is when he has been expressly invited & desired to do by the settled minister & majority of church congregation.
    • If any established ministers or candidates for ordained ministry find themselves in a controversy of such a nature, his license will be denied to him & he will not be protected by the religious laws of the colony.
    • Any minister wishing to preach in an area not under his care will have to register with the local authorities for permission to do so. This will require the cooperation of the local authorities as well as the local congregation to verify their invitation or approval of his preaching.
    • Any person who is not a settled & ordained minister going into territories without permission or consent will be fined £100.
    • Any non-inhabitant in the colony, including those with no “ecclesiastical character” or license to preach will be treated as a vagrant & removed from the county by the Justice of the Peace.

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