Reasons for Making Bar, As Well As Pig or Sow-Iron in His Majesty’s Plantations, c. 1750

  • 1 – Except for bar & sow-iron, the quantity of iron coming out of the colonies won’t be very much. English surpluses will still be bought abroad
  • 2 – Iron works in England isn’t even able to meet 1/3 of the demand for Bar-Iron. We will have to get back up to the levels available when importation from Sweden was available. Furthermore, if we did get to those levels, we’d need a greater supply of wood to process it all
  • 3 – It will cause the stop of exportation of Wool sent to the colonies in return for it. It would discourage trade between the mother & child – causing many at home & abroad to be poor due to dried up trade
  • 4 – To have a larger supply of iron in our colonies would cause our whole Empire to be richer & would cause less distress on the manufacturing which only spiked due to the ban on trade with Sweden
  • 5 – To extend the law only to Sow or Pig iron would pretty much destroy the design of the bill in front of the House
  • 6 – The establishment of an Iron industry in the colonies that would rival that in England would require a much larger population solely devoted to the industry. It’s not a danger any time soon
  • 7 – Making Bar- & Sow-Iron would increase the wealth of the Empire as a whole
  • 8 – The deficiency of iron in the past 2 years has put stress on our work men who’ve been struggling to get by. They might decide to move over to America to participate in the industry
    • Looking at the years 1714-1715, 40000 tons of foreign iron were imported into our country, which could barely sell at £12 a ton
    • Usual exports of wrong iron is between 1900-2000 tons
    • 600 tons of wrought iron are exported to Europe
    • 1300-1400 tons are exported to the colonies, half to the Sugar islands, half to New England & Virginia
    • The amount of iron not necessary to export to America, ~ 700 tons, could be sold off to Europe or sent to the Sugar Islands.
    • The Swedes take our money for the iron but don’t contribute to using the iron or the money within the empire, so the money is a leakage in the system, especially since there’s plenty of iron leftover in the colonies
    • Not using this iron would cause our country to be less wealthy & distribution of resources would not be ideal

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