The Third Virginia Charter (1612)

  • King James offers a charter to adventurous subjects in the colony of Virginia, to push Christianity, civilization & to make money.
    • These settlers should form a body politic with the cooperation of the Virginia Company
    • We grant letters patents to settlers between Virginia in Cape/Point Comfort & sea coasts northward 200 miles & southward 200 miles & eastward to include islands off the coast of Virginia up to 300 leagues (~900 miles)
    • We grant liberties, franchise, preeminences, privileges, profits, benefits & commodities via letters patents to settlers & their successors
      • We also grant them to unknown lands within these confines for the sake of the safety & trade
    • We establish Montgomery, Paget and Starrington as counselors for the plantations to keep the place in line with letters patents
    • Planters may meet in a government assembly to discuss particular matters, not needing higher attention
      • Anything higher will require council or government attention, to meet 4 times a year. We will establish courts to maintain law & order
      • From time to time, settlers will elect officers to be a part of the council to make laws but none to conflict with English law

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