Samuel de Champlain – Voyages, 1604

  • There are many reasons why people go abroad – money, glory or for public benefit – most of this action takes place on the seas
    • The English hired John Cabot
    • The Portuguese hired Gaspar Cortereal
    • The French hired Jacques Cartier
      • The English continued exploration & had some setback with lost sea vessels
      • The French have too but should carry on. I know this is expensive but there is a solution to the costs
        • The Dutch went abroad with no idea what they were doing but were able to pay for it all
  • A lot of this exploration has led to no result
    • We have tried to settle New France but without much success
    • The Sieur de Monts wanted to establish a colony paid for by a fur-trade monopoly not from the royal treasury
      • This was a success & several settlements were built on that basis
      • But Basque & Breton merchants wanted in on the action & the monopoly was ended, causing Monts to abandon the cause
    • We should renew this monopoly, which will allow French growth, a safe harbor in trying to find a western passage to China, get an advantage over rivals & spread Christianity

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