Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenet of Persecution for Cause of Conscience (1644)

Freedom of religion includes freedom of haircuts

Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenet of Persecution for Cause of Conscience

  1. Wars of religion aren’t supported by Jesus Christ
  2. Scripture is often a pretext for persecution
  3. Ministries of New England churches are proving to be of the doctrine of persecution for cause of of conscience
  4. This doctrine is proved guilty by all the blood of souls crying for vengeance under the altar
  5. All civil state offices are civil & are not spiritual/Christian judges
  6. God wills that all Christians & non-Christians be allowed religious freedom. The only weapon allowed against them is the word of God
  7. The state of Israel is figurative & ceremonial & nothing to follow or have as a precedent
  8. God requires no uniformity of religion within a state. When it is enforced, it only leads to civil war, killing innocents & perverting Christianity
  9. If we seek uniformity, we have to give up any hope of converting Jews
  10. Uniformity denies principles of the state & Christianity
  11. Allowing other faiths can only lead to lasting peace
  12. True civility & Christianity can flourish in a state in spite of the presence of other religions
  • I want to push for the cause the truth & against the bloody doctrine  of persecution for cause of conscience but I must alarm every man to be prepared to be persecuted & killed for religion
    • Jesus Christ & Paul wouldn’t want the division & strife
    • What weapons does Jesus Christ authorize us to use in his name?
  • There’s enough guilt to go around for all sides
    • Blasphemy, violation, persecution, etc. Jesus’s name
  • Who can deny all this behavior leads to hell?
  • I hope we can agree that:
    1. In spite of all division & death, so many claim to be just, it’s worse to go against the teachings of Jesus Christ than to see the end of blasphemy & heresy
    2. Any denomination practicing without faith & as a true institution of God are sinful
    3. No man attains faith & right persuasion without search & trial. No government or church policy should impede a man to find God
    4. In spite of troubles & difficulties, we must hold our truths dear

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