The Iliad by Homer – Book 20

  • Jove called a meeting of the Gods
  • All right. I’m not participating in this battle anymore. Do whatever you like. Just a warning
  • Achilles is pissed off and won’t stop until Hector’s dead and he’ll probably destroy Troy.
  • The gods chose sides
  • For the Greeks – Juno, Minerva, Neptune, Mercury and Vulcan
  • For the Trojans – Mars, Apollo, Diana, Leto, Xanthus and Venus
  • The gods were ready to join the fight now that there were no restrictions from Jove.
  • Achilles had one thing in his mind – a fight with Hector
  • However, Apollo urged Aeneas to fight Achilles, convincing him:
  • Remember that your mother, Venus is dearer to Jove than Achilles’s mother, Thetis. Don’t
    be afraid of him and all his big talk.
  • Juno warned Neptune about this:
  • Apollo’s put it in Aeneas’s mind to fight Achilles. I don’t like the look of it. Go down and
    make sure things are all right.
  • Neptune warned her that it’s probably not a good idea for gods to get involved in the fight directly.
  • Aeneas and Achilles approached each other.
  • Achilles spoke:
  • Why are you fighting? You know Priam won’t thank you for this. Also, I handed you your ass
    before in battle. Do you want some more?
  • Aeneas responded:
  • Don’t think I’m going to fall for that shit. I know who you are but if we must know more about
    each other’s family tree before the fight, here’s mine…
  • We can insult each other until we are both blue in the face but that won’t get us anywhere.
    Let’s just fight.
  • Aeneas threw his spear and just bounced off of Achilles’s special shield
  • Achilles threw his spear and it went through Aeneas’s shield but missing Aeneas himself. As Achilles
    was about to pounce, Aeneas grabbed a rock… Neptune stepped in and said
  • Poor Aeneas, you’re not going to last in this battle. Apollo’s not going to help you. We can
    take you away from this because you’ve got no chance.
  • Juno said to Neptune:
  • Hey, we’re not trying to save Trojans…
  • Neptune blinded Achilles and took Aeneas away from the fight and spoke to him:
  • What idiot convinced you to fight Achilles? You might be a great warrior but you can’t handle
  • Achilles snapped out of the saze and wondered what happened. He realized that Aeneas must be protected
    by a god or 2.
  • Achilles rallied the Greeks – Don’t worry about Aeneas. We’ll get the Trojans. They’re panicking.
  • Hector did the same – Don’t let Achilles scare you. He’s all talk.
  • In the fight, Apollo spoke to Hector:
  • Go challenge Achilles in single combat
  • Hector withdrew from combat, afraid of what Apollo had asked him to do. In the meantime, Achilles went
    on a killing spree on his way to find Hector.
  • Achilles chased Hector’s brother, Polydorus – the youngest of Priam’s sons. Polydorus was fast but not
    fast enough to escape death at the hands of Achilles.
  • Hector saw this and began to cry. He got his spear and made for Achilles. Achilles approached him and
  • I’m not afraid of your words. I know you are a greater fighter than me but this is in the
    hands of the gods.
  • Hector threw his spear but Minerva moved it away. Achilles tried to attack Hector but Apollo stopped
    him. Achilles decided this fight was going nowhere.
  • Achilles killed a few other Trojans while leaving Hector for later.

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