The Iliad by Homer – Book 12

  • Patroclus was seeing to Eurypylus but the battle was still going on. The wall and trench weren’t perfect because it was failing due to the fact that they hadn’t prayed for its immortality
  • Apollo made the rivers rise. Jove made it rain and Neptune made the rise to weaken it.
  • The Greeks were pinned back to their ships hiding from Hector behind their wall
  • Hector urged his men to knock over, climb over or break through it
  • The Trojan horses weren’t keen on going over the trenches. It seemed like a waste of time, so they went went across them on foot while many hung back with the horses and watched.
  • However, Trojan Asius took his horse and tried to go through the open gate off to the side. The gate was manned and he was pummeled by stones
  • The Greeks defended their wall in order to defend their ships, as the Trojans stormed any part of the wall and gate that they could.
  • Just as they were having success, as eagle flew over with a snake in its talons, which wriggled on and on, falling on the men. They took it as a sign and wanted to stop fighting.
  • Hector moaned that it didn’t mean anything and it was not the time to stop. Anyone who wanted to stop was a coward and should shut up.
  • The attack went on. Jove’s gusts of wind stunned the Greeks and allowed the Trojans to weaken the walls, but they still stood up
  • With lots of encouragement, the Greeks maintained them
  • Trojans Sarpedon and Glaucus tried their hardest. Glaucus was killed but Sarpedon being Jove’s son, wasn’t harmed.
  • Hector picked up a giant rock and made a hole large enough to break through
  • The Trojans went in and chased the Greeks back to their ships.

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