The Iliad by Homer – Book 1

Bitches always get in the way.

The Iliad by Homer – Book 1

  • Agamemnon (leader of the Greek army) and Achilles (best warrior) are fighting about Agamemnon taking the daughter of a high priest of Apollo.
    • The priest warned him that Apollo would get even with him for that
    • Apollo put a plague on the army, their horses, dogs, ships, etc.
  • Achilles called a meeting and prayed to Juno to fix things and say they should probably go home
  • A seer told them the only way to fix things was return the girl to her father and make a huge sacrifice – hecatomb – 100 oxen
  • Agamemnon would only give up the girl if he got a replacement for her from Achilles – his “spoil of war” named Briseis
  • As Achilles was about to draw his sword and attack Agamemnon, Minerva appeared only to him and promised him that if he didn’t start a fight, they would be victorious against Troy
  • Achilles backed down and just called Agamemnon a lazy, fat, cowardly drunkard
  • An older soldier, Nestor, stepped in to make peace – Achilles, you calm down and give Agamemnon Briseis and Agamemnon, you give the daughter back to her father with a hecatomb
  • Achilles is angry but agrees. Only Briseis – nothing else
  • Achilles went crying in his little tent asking his mom to intervene on his behalf.
  • His mother, Thetis (a minor goddess) appears and promises him to try to get Jove (Jupiter) to restore Achilles’s honor to him.
  • Achilles makes it clear that he wants it back no matter what – even if the Trojans win
  • The girl was sent back to her father and the sacrifice was made to appease the father and Apollo
  • Achilles’s girl, Briseis, was taken over to Agamemnon
  • Jove listened to Thetis’s request and agreed reluctantly to do something about it.
  • Juno didn’t like Jove going behind her back and was about to lay into him
  • He barked at her and she ran off scared.
  • Vulcan, her son, reminded her when she gets testy with Jove, he takes it out on all the other gods

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