Federalist No. 70 – Alexander Hamilton

  • A single executive is necessary for accountability, “executive energy” and defense against legislative encroachment on his power.
  • One is enough to ensure secrecy, fewer fights and allowing decisions to be made quickly.
  • Congress will have time to deliberate and listen to open discussion to prevent tyranny of the majority. Its function is to pass laws and once passed. Then opposition must end.
  • The Executive there to execute laws and once they’ve been passed, it’s important to start enforcing them straight away.
  • War demands a strong executive because divisiveness can be a killer.
  • With more than one President, (i.e. council), no one person is responsible.
  • He must not be immune to censure, accountability or punishment.
  • Councils often act as a cushion between kings and make it so that the people don’t matter.
  • Councils are expensive to maintain à the best model is the New York state governor.

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