Edward Randolph Condemns Massachusetts Bay Before the Lords of Trade, 12 June 1683 Articles of High Misdemeanor exhibited against the Governor & Company of Massachusetts They don’t follow orders according to the Charter & often exceed them They made laws repugnant to those of England & when those have beenContinue Reading

Pigeons show what they think of the law “The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat (1850) The law has been perverted Not just derailed in its cause but applied to pursue the opposite We have been given a gift from God Life – physical, intellectual & moral He gave us faculties toContinue Reading

  Pantagruel Prologue The following is an account of Pantagruel, which is just as believable as that of Gargantua. No story will ever be as fantastic as that of Gargantua, except that of Pantagruel. Chapter 1 Let’s start with his pedigree. In order to understand someone as good as Pantagruel,Continue Reading

“Politics Book I” by Aristotle (Notes) 1. The state is a sort community and is set up to achieve some sort of good. That’s the nature of mankind – to achieve what they think is good. Since a community is made of many men, their good must be higher thanContinue Reading

1. Everything and every activity has a point to it. The purpose of building a ship is to have built a ship. But this purpose has purposes beyond it. Having a ship built has military purposes as well as fishing purposes or trade purposes. There’s almost nothing around that standsContinue Reading

“The Republic Book II” by Plato     Glaucon, Socrates’s friend, wants to know what justice is. Nobody’s happy with how that chat with Thrasymachus ended. He continues the discussion: G: Isn’t there something we like for its own sake and not just for the things they bring? And there’sContinue Reading