Edmund Burke – A Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol (1777) This letter is regarding the last 2 acts passed in Parliament regarding the troubles in America. They stem from the same policy. They not only hurt Americans but us over here in England as well. I hate the ideaContinue Reading

Shakespeare – Macbeth Summary   Act 1, Scene 1 In this scene, 3 witches meet up in a deserted area. They decide to meet again once the fighting is over, which they predict will be at sundown on the heath. They say they will meet with Macbeth about something butContinue Reading

On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth by Thomas de Quincey (1823) I was always puzzled about the knocking at the gate in Macbeth right after Duncan’s murder. But I never knew why. It reflected back on the murder with an awfulness & solemnity… but why? Don’t pay attentionContinue Reading

Scene 1 – Dunsinane. Ante-room in the castle. [ENTER DOCTOR & WAITING GENTLEWOMAN] Doctor: You & I have been watching the last 2 nights but I haven’t seen anything of what you’ve said. When did she last walk? Gentlewoman: When the king went to war. I saw her get outContinue Reading

Scene 1 – A cavern. In the middle, a boiling cauldron. [THUNDER] [ENTER 3 WITCHES] Witch 1: The grey cat’s meowed 3 times. Witch 2: 3 times, & the hedgehog’s whined once. Witch 3: The harpy’s crying, “it’s time!” Witch 1: Round the cauldron, we throw in poison entrails. AContinue Reading

  Scene 1 – Forres. The palace [ENTER BANQUO] Banquo: Now you have it – King, Cawdor, Glamis – just like the 3 witches said. But I suspect you of foul play. But it was said it not to go on to your line but to mine to be rulers.Continue Reading

Scene 1 – Inverness – court within the castle [ENTER BANQUO & FLEANCE WITH A TORCH] Banquo: How are things, son? Fleance: The moon’s down but the clock hasn’t gone off. Banquo: & it goes down at 12. Fleance: It feels later than that. Banquo: Take my sword. The heavensContinue Reading

Macbeth by Shakespeare – Act 1 Characters: Duncan, King of Scotland Malcolm, Ducan’s son Donalbain, Duncan’s son Macbeth, General of the King’s Army Banquo, General of the King’s Army Macduff, Noble of Scotland Lennox, Noble of Scotland Ross, Noble of Scotland Menteith, Noble of Scotland Angus, Noble of Scotland Caithness,Continue Reading

Michelle & I went to Stowe which is in the north end of Buckinghamshire. It was about 50 minutes away with a good tailwind, mostly on the M40 with some side roads that were tricky going down. They claim these roads have 2 lanes… not really, though. There were quiteContinue Reading

Disposition of the Biennial Act 1737 The Biennial Act of Carolina referring the biennial meeting of Assemblies & regulation of elections & members. It seems that these assemblies have powers that the Crown never gave to them. The power to convene Parliaments is the exclusive privilege of the Crown &Continue Reading

The Petition of London Merchants to Parliament, 11 February 1741 Many London merchants on behalf of others, as well as inhabitants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, have sent a petition to the House. While the crown & Parliament have been exerting their authority with respect to the Massachusetts & otherContinue Reading

[Anonymous], A Letter to the Merchant in London to Whom is Directed a Printed Letter Relating to the Manufactory Undertaking, 27 February 1740 In response to Dr. Douglass’s letter – it’s amazing the lengths that some will go to to make the Manufacturing scheme to look as bad as possibleContinue Reading

[Dr. William Douglass], A Letter to Merchant in London Concerning a Late Combination in the Province of Massachusetts Bay… to Impose or Force a Private-Currency Called Land-Bank Money, 21 February, 1740 I wish to address the proposal of creating a “Land-Bank” money/currency. The House & the Governor have come outContinue Reading

Lieutenant-Governor Spotswood and the Internal Regulation of Tobacco, 29 December 1713 I last gave you some of the steps we’ve taken to prevent tobacco fraud. But now we have to talk about why the tobacco industry has been mismanaged. A lot of people are just going into the business toContinue Reading

Royal Instructions to the Governors of the Colonies Forbidding Alteration in Representation, 24 July 1767 Instructions to all governors of British colonies in the New World: Many laws have been passed in various colonies where districts have been authorized to send representatives to the local assemblies. The King requires thatContinue Reading

Samuel Davies, Letter to Reverend Doctor Doddridge, 2 October 1750 The Church of England was established in the colony of Virginia from the beginning & there weren’t more than 4 or 5 dissenters within 100 miles until a few years ago. Religion was loose & not very strict in Virginia.Continue Reading

Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenent, Yet More Bloody, 1650 I have to declare before God, angels & men that the tenet of persecution for the cause of conscience to a terrible thing. It is blasphemous against the God of Peace who made all mankind of one blood to dwellContinue Reading

Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenet, 1644 The blood of 100000 Catholics & Protestants has been spilled in the Wars of Religion in Europe – all for their religious beliefs & consciences. This is not something Jesus wanted. The Bible clearly comes out against all of this violence over religion.Continue Reading

John Cotton – Certain Proposals Made by Lord Say, Lord Brooke, and Other Persons of Quality, as Conditions of Their Removing to New England, with Answers Thereto, 1636 Demand – Lord Say & others who have poured a ton of money into New England ought to be allowed to keepContinue Reading

Of Death – Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Men fear death like kids fear the dark Natural fear of the dark is increased by tales & so is fear of death The contemplation of death is holy & religious but the fear of it is weakness In religion, there’s often aContinue Reading