“Ethics Book 4” by Aristotle (349 BC)

“Ethics Book 4” by Aristotle (349 BC)   Ch. 1 Liberality – in giving & getting wealth, especially giving The virtue is the mean between prodigality & meanness Prodigality – unrestrained, squandering of money usually on debauchery Combination of vices but particularly in wasting one’s own substance – ruining yourself by your own agency Riches… Read more “Ethics Book 4” by Aristotle (349 BC)

“Poetics” by Aristotle

“Poetics” by Aristotle 1 Trying to tackle poetry, variations – giving the the essentials, structure of plot & parts of a good poem, etc. Epics, tragedies, comedies, dithryambic poetry, flute & lyre music & all forms of imitation differences – medium, objects & manner of imitation People imitate, either consciously or unconsciously, through color, form,… Read more “Poetics” by Aristotle