Canto 31 Finally they reached the end of the 8th Circle but didn’t see very much. However, they did hear a very loud horn echoing around. Dante saw tall towers in the distance & asked Virgil about them. Virgil told him his eyes were playing tricks on him. They weren’tContinue Reading

Canto 28 Dante was searching for the words to describe what he saw in the 9th bowge. It was filled with those who’d suffered wounds worse than anything ever seen on any battlefield. He’d never seen such a bloody & horrific sight in his life. Dante focused in on Mahomet.Continue Reading

Canto 25 The thief raised his hands & made figs with them, placing the thumb between the index & middle fingers while making a fist, & cursed God. The snakes sneaked up on him, wrapping around his throat & arms as if to shut him up. He was even moreContinue Reading

Canto 22 Dante had seen a lot of expeditions in his day but never anything like him & Virgil being escorted by several devils. Dante focused on the most to see what was going on. Those wallowing in the pitch would float up to the top every now & thenContinue Reading

Canto 19 “O Simon Magus! O disciples of his! Miserable pimps & hucksters that have sold the things of God… for silver & gold.” This was the 3rd bowge. Dante was clearly a religious man & this section of Hell really affect him. The landscape with with holes about theContinue Reading

Canto 16 They had reached the point where the water was going down to the Circle below. Then 3 shadows came running towards them. One of them recognized Dante’s Florentine dress. Dante was shocked at their burns & scars. Virgil warned Dante to be courteous to them since they approachedContinue Reading

Canto 13 Before Nessus had reached the other side of the river, Virgil & Dante got to a forest without any path through. There were no green leaves on the trees, only discolored & dark ones. The roots were twisted & gnarled. There was no fruit, only poison galls onContinue Reading

Canto 10 They followed the path between the city walls & the fires. Dante wanted to know about the souls there. They weren’t being hidden, their graves were wide open & there was no guard. Virgil said the tombs would be sealed on Judgment Day. Here lied buried the soulsContinue Reading

Canto 4 Dante woke up to a clap of thunder, completely confused by what he saw around him. He saw himself stood on the brink of the large pit of Hell with resounding groans echoing all around him. Virgil urged him to try to keep up. Dante asked how heContinue Reading