“Confessions” by Augustine Book I I. [Addressed to God] You should be praised because of your infinite power and wisdom. Man is so little, sinful and proud. But at least we have the ability to look to you. You made us but you made our hearts restless. Should I callContinue Reading

“The Acts of the Apostles” 1 “Jesus Taken Up Into Heaven” Jesus did all of his stuff until he went to heaven after giving instructions with his boys. He made his point with his words and actions, fulfilling prophecies. He stuck around for 40 more days. “Don’t leave Jerusalem. WaitContinue Reading

“Gospel According to Matthew” 1 “The Genealogy of Jesus” Abraham to David -> 14 generations David to the Exile to Babylon -> 14 generations Exile to Jesus -> 14 generations 42 generations between Abraham and Jesus. “Joseph Accepts Jesus as His Son” Mary and Joseph tied the knot but hadn’tContinue Reading