Canto 4 Dante woke up to a clap of thunder, completely confused by what he saw around him. He saw himself stood on the brink of the large pit of Hell with resounding groans echoing all around him. Virgil urged him to try to keep up. Dante asked how heContinue Reading

Canto 1 Halfway through his life, Dante found himself in a “Dark Wood” & going down the “wrong path”. He didn’t know how he got there because he’d been “sleeping” when he’d gotten off the “true path”. He saw the “mountain” in the distance & resolved himself to climb itContinue Reading

  The Gospel According to John from The New Testament of the Bible Chapter 1 The Word Became Flesh In the beginning was the word. The word was God. All things were made through him. He was the light of all mankind & no darkness could overcome it. God sentContinue Reading

Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament of the Bible Chapter 1 Everything is Meaningless Everything is meaningless says the teacher (Solomon?). You work all day under the sun & what do you get? Generations come & go but the earth remains forever. The sun rises & sets, only to rise again.Continue Reading

Connecticut’s Act to Regulate Abuses & to Correct Disorders in Ecclesiastical Affairs, 1742 The Assembly has made in their act to establish & confirm a confession of faith & an agreement of Church discipline made 1708 by the churches to establish peace & quietness. Unfortunately, a few people have beenContinue Reading

Samuel Davies, Letter to Reverend Doctor Doddridge, 2 October 1750 The Church of England was established in the colony of Virginia from the beginning & there weren’t more than 4 or 5 dissenters within 100 miles until a few years ago. Religion was loose & not very strict in Virginia.Continue Reading

Maryland Toleration Act, 1649 Lord Baltimore addressed the assembly about religious matters in Maryland. Anyone denying that God & Jesus are really the ones in control & pushing those ideas around will be punished by death & have his lands confiscated. Those who speak out against the Virgin Mary, theContinue Reading

Nathaniel Ward – The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, 1647 We’ve been getting some unkind press about how we live in New England. People have all kinds of funny ideas about how crazy we are & how fanatical our religious doctrines can be. But if you don’t like theContinue Reading

Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenent, Yet More Bloody, 1650 I have to declare before God, angels & men that the tenet of persecution for the cause of conscience to a terrible thing. It is blasphemous against the God of Peace who made all mankind of one blood to dwellContinue Reading

Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenet, 1644 The blood of 100000 Catholics & Protestants has been spilled in the Wars of Religion in Europe – all for their religious beliefs & consciences. This is not something Jesus wanted. The Bible clearly comes out against all of this violence over religion.Continue Reading

John Cotton – Certain Proposals Made by Lord Say, Lord Brooke, and Other Persons of Quality, as Conditions of Their Removing to New England, with Answers Thereto, 1636 Demand – Lord Say & others who have poured a ton of money into New England ought to be allowed to keepContinue Reading

“Genesis” from the Old Testament of the Bible Chapter 1 Day 1: God created heaven & earth. But the earth had no form & there was nothing but darkness. God made light to break up the darkness. The light would be called day & the darkness would be called night.Continue Reading

Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenent Yet More Bloody (1652) The doctrine of persecution for the cause of conscience is awful because it’s blasphemy against because he made us of one blood & now we’re all at war because our religions It’s a tenent against Jesus Christ that will stopContinue Reading

Roger Williams – The Bloody Tenet of Persecution for Cause of Conscience Wars of religion aren’t supported by Jesus Christ Scripture is often a pretext for persecution Ministries of New England churches are proving to be of the doctrine of persecution for cause of of conscience This doctrine is provedContinue Reading

VIII. The Fundamentals Of The Christian Religion 556 – Christianity looks to establish a great religion For this, man need it to explain his nature & that of the world around him Many revile it because they don’t understand it God is great, powerful & eternal but removed from ManContinue Reading

VI. The Philosophers 374 – What surprises me is that people aren’t surprised by their own weakness They are so serious & they follow their life’s path out of certainty of what reason & justice are They’re constantly deceived & they think it’s their own fault Many people glorify skepticsContinue Reading

Rather than summarizing every passage (all 182 of them!), I’ll just put a few interesting stories & facts Herodotus gives in the 2nd book of the Histories. If you want every damned detail, I suppose you can read the entire text yourself (go here!) The Histories by Herodotus – BookContinue Reading

Ask: “What are modern virtues?” You might answer things we like: meekness, humility, renunciation of world Would you answer, “Intelligence”? Old idea that intelligence is dangerous Anglo-Saxons have derided the idea of intelligence being important As if you have to choose between being good & intelligent As if stupidity isContinue Reading

“The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” Chapter 16 by Edward Gibbon The Conduct of the Roman Government Towards the Christians From the Reign of Nero to that of Constantine Christianity persecuted by the Roman Emperors – We don’t know why non-believers were so anti-Christian. But in the 80Continue Reading

The progress of Christian religion and the sentiments, manners, numbers and conditions of the primitive Christians Christianity is an essential part of Roman history because of its infiltration into Roman politics and power. Difficulties in inquiry Scanty and suspicious documents of church history make study of facts difficult. Must revealContinue Reading