Canto 4 Dante woke up to a clap of thunder, completely confused by what he saw around him. He saw himself stood on the brink of the large pit of Hell with resounding groans echoing all around him. Virgil urged him to try to keep up. Dante asked how heContinue Reading

Canto 1 Halfway through his life, Dante found himself in a “Dark Wood” & going down the “wrong path”. He didn’t know how he got there because he’d been “sleeping” when he’d gotten off the “true path”. He saw the “mountain” in the distance & resolved himself to climb itContinue Reading

  Thomas Babington Macaulay – Machiavelli Machiavelli is usually referred to as a tempter presenter of an evil principle pushing ambition, revenge, perjury Only got this reputation after The Prince As if these things didn’t exist before the Prince Gunpowder Plot blamed on him, as well as other plots PeopleContinue Reading