Canto 4 Dante woke up to a clap of thunder, completely confused by what he saw around him. He saw himself stood on the brink of the large pit of Hell with resounding groans echoing all around him. Virgil urged him to try to keep up. Dante asked how heContinue Reading

Canto 1 Halfway through his life, Dante found himself in a “Dark Wood” & going down the “wrong path”. He didn’t know how he got there because he’d been “sleeping” when he’d gotten off the “true path”. He saw the “mountain” in the distance & resolved himself to climb itContinue Reading

Thomas Jefferson – First Inaugural Address (March 4, 1801) I am called to this office & thank you for the trust you’ve put in me. This job is beyond any human being. We are a young nation with fruitful land, engaged in industry, & commerce with nations who are surgingContinue Reading

Mark Twain – Learning the River (Ch. 6 from Life on the Mississippi) Somehow the “Paul Jones” lost 2 weeks of our travels from Cincinnati to New Orleans. But that gave me a chance to speak with one of the pilots who taught me how to steer. This got meContinue Reading

Ch. 41 – The Doctor — Uncle Silas — Sister Hotchkiss — Aunt Sally in Trouble Huck found a doctor & told him he & his brother had been hunting on Spanish Island. Tom/Sid must have kicked a gun in his sleep & shot himself in the leg. He wantedContinue Reading

Ch. 37 – The Last Shirt — Mooning Around — Sailing Orders — The Witch Pie Tom & Huck went to the rubbish pile & went through it. They took a tin wash pan & went down into the cellar & put flour into the pan. They took shingle nailsContinue Reading

Ch. 33 – A Nigger Stealer — Southern Hospitality — A Pretty Long Blessing — Tar and Feathers As Huck headed into town, he saw a wagon coming towards him. It was Tom Sawyer. Both he & Tom were surprised to see each other. Tom asked him why he’d comeContinue Reading

Ch. 29 – Contested Relationship — The King Explains the Loss — A Question of Handwriting — Digging up the Corpse — Huck Escapes The 2nd pair of gentlemen seemed very nice. The 2nd William had his right arm in a sling. Everyone laughed at the sight of them. HuckContinue Reading

Ch. 25 – Is It Them? — Singing the “Doxologer” — Awful Square — Funeral Orgies — A Bad Investment News got around town making people ask if it was really Wilks’s brothers. They arrived at the house & there were 3 girls standing by the door. Mary Jane inContinue Reading

Ch. 21 – Sword Exercise — Hamlet’s Soliloquy — They Loafed Around Town — A Lazy Town — Old Boggs — Dead The next morning after breakfast, the king started boning up on his Rome & Juliet with the duke giving him acting notes. They got out wood laths &Continue Reading

Chapter 17 – An Evening Call — The Farm in Arkansaw — Interior Decorations — Stephen Dowling Bots — Poetical Effusions A voice called out to Huck, wanting to know his name. He answered “George Jackson” & that he was only prowling around at night because he’d fallen off aContinue Reading

Chapter 13 – Escaping from the Wreck — The Watchman — Sinking Huck worried about being stuck on board of the wreck with a gang of murderous thieves. He & Jim sneaked around to the stern & saw no sign of their boat. They kept searching & searching until theyContinue Reading

Chapter 9 – The Cave — The Floating House Huck wanted to explore the middle of the island (which was only 3¼ miles long). They climbed a ridge about 40 feet high & found a cave the size of 3 rooms & high enough for Jim to sand up in.Continue Reading

Chapter 5 – Huck’s Father — The Fond Parent — Reform Huck went into his room & there was his father. He used to be scared of him all the time because he beat him so much. But in a moment that fear would die down a bit. He wasContinue Reading

Chapter 1 – Civilizing Huck – Miss Watson – Tom Sawyer Waits Huck explains his appearance in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which he says is mostly true but Mr. Twain embellished some of it. The end of “Tom Sawyer” has Tom & Huck finding money robbers hid in aContinue Reading

Edmund Burke – A Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol (1777) This letter is regarding the last 2 acts passed in Parliament regarding the troubles in America. They stem from the same policy. They not only hurt Americans but us over here in England as well. I hate the ideaContinue Reading

Tacitus – The Annals, Book 11: 47-48 AD – 11.16‑38 Corbulo settles a Frisian revolt. Senatorial rights extended to the provinces. Debaucheries and execution of Messalina. The Cherusci asked Rome for a king. Their nobles had all died in a civil war & the one left was Italicus who livedContinue Reading

Tacitus – The Annals, Book 11: 47-48 AD – 11.1‑15 Claudius is emperor. In Rome, Suillius prosecutes many. Turmoil in Armenia. Messalina believed former consul, Valerius Asiaticus was on of Poppaea’s old lovers. She started looking greedily at the gardens Lucullus started & Asiaticus was building up. So she gotContinue Reading

Tacitus – The Annals, Book 6 – A.D. 32-37 – 6.28‑51 Parthian War, centered on Armenia. Fire on the Aventine Hill in Rome. Death of Tiberius. While Paulus Fabius & Lucius Vitellius were consuls, a phoenix appeared for the 1st time in ages in Egypt. Men from all over, especiallyContinue Reading

Tacitus – The Annals, Book 6 – A.D. 32-37 – 1‑27 The purges after the fall of Sejanus. Cneius Domitius & Camillus Scribonius began their consulships when the emperor crossed the channel between Caprae & Surrentum, sailing along Campania, wondering if he should go into Rome or not. He oftenContinue Reading