About “Know-It-All to Know-Nothing”

This place is an attempt to log my notes to what I’ve been reading. A lot of what I’ll be reading is from the “10 Years of Reading in the Great Books of the Western World“, a collection of “great works” in Philosophy, Literature, Politics, Physical Science & Economics. You can read more about the idea behind the series’s publication, if you like.

The guy who put the list together was Mortimer Adler. He wrote a book called, “How to Read a Book” – a fantastic book which I highly recommend. Briefly, it explains the different approaches you should take to different types of books.

This site will be devoted to logging my notes. Enjoy them if you like (I’m looking at you, students! Just be prepared to defend what I’ve written here to your professors). I’ve always found it helpful to see what others think about a difficult text. Conferring with different points of view can really add to the experience of reading.  I’ll try to keep the academic horseshit to a minimum & let the text speak for itself, albeit through my modest interpretation. Feel free to log your thoughts. It really inspires me to continue to get comments, likes & such.

I really want to have fun with this. As anyone who’s ever spent a decent amount of time in schools and classrooms should know, most forms of learning are boring and painful. If I’m going to educate myself voluntarily, I intend to have fun doing it! I’ll try to post at least once, hopefully, twice a week. So, let’s go!!

P.S. I’m from the US but I live in the UK right now & periodically I will be posting pictures from my travels.

P.P.S. I may even take requests.