Stonehenge – July 11, 2020

This was the first (I think) weekend that you could actually visit Stonehenge since the Coronavirus hit. The place was empty. One of the guards was telling me that visitors this week were 1% of what they usually see, i.e. compared to that week in 2019. Now’s the time to see the country you live in since international travel is pretty much dead.

It was a gorgeous day. We decided to pay the extra £30 each (we’re members of English Heritage organization, so basic entry was free) to be able to walk in the circle of stones. An expert spoke about the various theories of what the stones were for. Current thinking is that it is not a calendar as such. But the sunrise of the solstices, the light shine through the “altars”. It’s probably a religious structure. Anyway, it was really cool to walk around in there where most people can’t go, since 1970s. Anyway…

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