Mark Twain – Huckleberry Finn, Chapters 41-43

Ch. 41 – The Doctor — Uncle Silas — Sister Hotchkiss — Aunt Sally in Trouble

  • Huck found a doctor & told him he & his brother had been hunting on Spanish Island. Tom/Sid must have kicked a gun in his sleep & shot himself in the leg. He wanted the doctor to go out but not to tell the Phelpses.
    • The doctor got his bags & started off with Huck. When they got to the canoe, the doctor didn’t think both of them could use it. Huck told him not to worry, it held all 3 of them (oops!). He had to explain – he, Tom/Sid & the guns. But the boat rocked when the doctor tried to get in. He suggested they look for another boat but since they were all chained up, the doctor would have to go alone.
    • Huck started getting nervous about the doctor figuring out what was going on. He’d wait there until the doctor came back. If the doctor had to go home for anything, Huck would go off to where the raft was & take off with Jim. In the meantime, he’d curl up to sleep. When he woke up, it was already morning & he went to the doctor’s house. He wasn’t at home but Huck ran into Silas.
    • Silas quizzed him on his whereabouts. Huck said they were out looking for the runaway, including a long-winded explanation. Silas sent him home & Sally was glad to see he’d returned.
    • The house was teeming with farmers & farmers’ wives chattering on about all the things they’d found in Jim’s hut. Sister Hotchkiss figured Jim was crazy with all the writings & items he had had in there. They guessed there had been at least a dozen people helping him. The women’s speculation got wilder & wilder. They were amazed he’d gotten away.
      • Huck wanted to go find Tom but Sally wouldn’t let him. She said losing one boy was enough. After dinner, Silas went out to look for him but came back empty-handed. Sally asked Huck to promise not to leave the house. He only slid down the lightning rod to see if he could spot Tom coming back. Sally spent the night watching & waiting for Tom to return.

Ch. 42 – Tom Sawyer Wounded — The Doctor’s Story — Tom Confesses — Aunt Polly Arrives — Hand Out Them Letters

  • Silas got up early again but had no luck. He brought up the fact that he’d gotten a letter from Sis in St. Petersburg. But before Sally could get it open, she ran outside to see the doctor & Jim accompanied by a bunch of people.
    • Tom was hazy but he was alive. Huck went to see what they’d do with Jim. Some wanted to hang him, some wanted to send him back to his farm. Jim kept quiet & they put him back in the hut with 2 sets of chains on him.
    • The doctor explained that Jim had been very protective of Tom & helped the doctor. He was torn between dealing with a runaway & helping a patient. But the doctor couldn’t do it alone. He vouched for Jim’s character, calling him very honorable.
    • Huck had forgotten all his “explanations” of how Tom had been shot. When Sally went for a nap, Huck sneaked into Tom’s room to ask him about Jim & the raft. But before Tom could answer, Sally came back into the room.
      • Huck confessed they’d set Jim free & stolen a bunch of things to do it with. They also said they’d written the letters, & collected & freed all the animals in the house.
    • Sally told them they’d been scared stiff & were going crazy, & that Jim was put back in the hut.
      • Tom jumped up in his bed & yelled that they didn’t have the right to keep him in there. Jim was as free as anyone on earth. Miss Watson had died 2 months before & freed Jim in her will. She’d been ashamed of even thinking of selling him down the river. Tom had helped in “freeing” Jim because he wanted an adventure.
    • Just at this time, Aunt Polly (Sis – Sally’s sister) showed up. They had a nice reunion. But her arrival made it necessary to say which one was Tom & who Huck was.
      • Polly came down to the Phelps’s farm because she’d not been hearing back from Sally. Apparently, Tom had been intercepting her letters.

Ch. 43 – Out of Bondage — Paying the Captive — Yours Truly, Huck Finn

  • When Tom & Huck were alone, Huck asked what he’d do if they’d gotten away & set free a slave who was already free. Tom answered they’d have more adventures on the river & then take the steamboat back up in style.
    • Tom was still laid out in bed for awhile. Jim was unchained. Because he felt bad t hat Silas had paid $40 for Jim, Tom gave him the money out of his own pocket.
    • Tom wanted to put a gang together & have adventures with the Indians in the Indian Territory. He told Huck that Pap wasn’t coming back again. Jim stepped in & told him that the dead man in the floating house on Jackson Island was Pap.
    • Tom figured he’d head over to the Indian Territory because Sally was going to adopt him & try to “sivilize” him & he’d had enough of that.

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