Of Death– Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Of Death – Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

  • Men fear death like kids fear the dark
    • Natural fear of the dark is increased by tales & so is fear of death
    • The contemplation of death is holy & religious but the fear of it is weakness
      • In religion, there’s often a combination of vanity & superstition
      • People write about dying as if it were torture & our minds contemplate it, making the anticipation of it worse
      • But quite often death comes with no pain at all. Or at least less pain than some pains that you can survive – loss of a limb
    • Philosophers often speak of a funeral procession being worse than the death itself.
      • Look at the faces, the groans & tears showing the terror of it
  • Man can overcome his fear of death so that it’s not seen as some great evil
    • The strong, the weak, & the careful can welcome death
    • Sometimes death is better than facing everyday monotony
    • Death can even come during a good mood
      • Augustus died in the middle of paying a compliment
      • Tiberius died in the middle of a lie
      • Vespasian died while goofing around
      • Septimus Severus while on a mission
  • Even the Stoics focused too much on death. Thinking about it too much made the fear even worse
    • It’s as natural to die as it is to be born. To a baby, one pain is probably just as bad as the other.
    • A man who dies in an earnest pursuit dies quickly & nearly painlessly.
    • In the Canticle of Simeon – a man dies after having achieved something & met his expectations
  • Death opens the door to goodness & closes the bad door to envy

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