Instructions for the Virginia Colony, 1606

  • Please take care of instructions coming from the King by way of the Privy Seal
    • When you get to the Virginia coast, find a safe port on a navigable river, running far into the land. If multiple rivers are there, choose one with many branches, preferably headed Northwest – a possible passage to the other sea
    • Once you find a suitable site, make sure the Captain of the ship does a good job of scouting that the river is adequate & that the lands further up the river are fertile.
    • If the water can handle big cargo ships to make trade & transporting supplies easier. The further up, the better, especially in the area that can see possible enemies coming from far away by land & sea, & is easy defensible
  • Remember the French & Spanish are in Florida. They may start to explore northward. Be sure to post guards on the river to watch out for them
    • Don’t allow natives to live between the site & the sea coast. They may cause problems for you food-wise & safety-wise
    • Once you’ve picked a spot & unloaded your supplies, start farming with some settlers. Take some other settlers & explore the hills & mountains for minerals. Bring what you can back.
    • Search for the source of your river. If it’s a lake, the passage to another sea will be easier.
  • Do your best not to piss off the natives. Hire some to facilitate trade. Make sure they know you intend to stick around & that you know how to farm
    • Use hired guides but keep them near you so they don’t lead you into a great woods or desert & can never come back. Don’t trust them with your weapons. If showing off weapons, make sure it’s by your marksmen to send the right message. Don’t let them know any of your men are ill
  • Make sure your site isn’t surrounded by woods. You won’t be able to clear it out quickly. It hides enemies. Don’t choose a place too low because it attracts plague. Make sure the air is good & healthy
    • Make sure your ships are all well-protected & not able to be stolen or sabotaged
    • If you hire sailors, make sure they don’t cause you any problems, especially if they have no intention of staying in the settlement. Don’t let them have any influence in the running of the settlement
  • When first arriving, build your storehouses & other public buildings first. Only once all the public buildings are built securely, can you build private residences. Make the market place the focus of the settlement. Make wide streets that are easier to defend or survey
    • Only if these orders are carried out, can your colony survive & thrive

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