“Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth (1851)

  • There’s a lot of talk about blacks in the South & women in the North pushing for rights, so much so that white men are worried
    • Some men say women need to be carried into carriages & over ditches but nobody ever did that for me. Ain’t I a woman?
    • I’ve worked my ass off & I’m a woman
    • I can work just as hard & eat just as much as a man & get whipped too
    • I’ve had 13 kids & saw most of them sold off. When I cried, nobody but Jesus heard me. Ain’t I a woman?
  • A lot of people are talking about intellect but what’s that got to do with women’s rights? Blacks’ rights?
    • It’s still mean not to allow me any rights because I’m seen to be dumber than others
  • Some say women can’t have as many rights as men because Jesus was a man & not a woman
    • But he came from God & a woman with no man involved
    • If the first woman God made strong can start such a fuss, women ought to be able to do it again

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