“Why I Became a ‘Woman’s Rights Man'” by Frederick Douglass (1892)

  • Anti-slavery’s history will show, once it’s been written that women were the biggest proponents of abolition
    • They were the biggest spiritual force against slavery
    • They’ve proven themselves to be skilled, patient & perseverant, especially when things get tough
    • They put in a lot of work, as well as moral conviction & humanity in their writing & speaking
    • My gratitude for this made me thing about their need for rights as well
      • That’s why I call myself a “Women’s Rights Man”
      • They have the moral capacity for choosing good over bad which is the true basis of a Republican government
      • There’s no reason or foundation to exclude them from voting & shaping the country’s future
    • Speaking to Elizabeth Cady Stanton when she was young, she felt that she wanted to talk about women’s rights with me but wasn’t as well as equipped as she liked to have been – that’s changed now
      • If intelligence is the only good basis of government, it can draw from the public as a source everything it needs to guide & shape it
        • To exclude half the population from this is silly

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