The Art of War – Sun Tzu (5th Century BC) – Chapter 5 – Strategic Military Power

  • If you fight with large numbers, learn to simplify things by dividing your army into a few units
    • In order to withstand the enemy, you’ll need the orthodox & unorthodox
      • An army smashes the enemy because of the vacuous & substantial
  • Engage battle with orthodox & win with the unorthodox
    • You’re good at the unorthodox, you’re unstoppable
    • You may see things as they are but it’s hard to see them change
      • Changes from orthodox to unorthodox are inexhaustible & produce each other
  • Strategic configuration of power of winners is focused sharply & constraints are precise
    • Deploy both to appear chaotic
      • Fake fear & courage, weakness & courage
    • Make the enemy respond & offer him something that can be taken away
    • Rely on strategic configuration of power, not men but use both
      • Similar to rolling logs & stones, stable at first but moving on ground when released to wipe out the enemy

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