Federalist No. 15 – Alexander Hamilton (1787-1788)

Federalist No. 15 – Alexander Hamilton

  • The Confederation didn’t preserve peace and happiness.
    • And will probably lead to anarchy, riots, large debts, territories near foreign powers, no military, no money, no commerce, no foreign respect and falling prospects.
  • The Confederation needed a stronger central government but couldn’t do so without taking away from the states.
  • One problem with that is there are multiple sovereigns and federal laws aren’t supreme and easily overridden and undone by the states.
  • State agreements are mostly harmless but mostly ineffective.
  • Laws are meant to be upheld, not ignored by the people and court. Articles have no way of ensuring this.
  • Government is a safety net against the passions of men when they start being unreasonable.
  • The meetings of many sovereigns lead to less compromise than the meetings of state agents under one sovereign where national interests are supreme.

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