Federalist No. 8 – Alexander Hamilton (1787-1788)

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Federalist No. 8 – Alexander Hamilton

  • The problem with in-fighting is bigger than foreign attack
  • The US has no civil defense set up – no castles, no city walls, no militia, etc.
  • Large states could overrun their smaller neighbors
  • If disunited, standing armies would be necessary and they are costly and have many other problems àdestroy civil and political rights
    • Governments would lead to monarchy because of the need for a strong executive
  • Countries unlikely to be invaded don’t need standing armies and those likely to be invaded do need them.
  • Those with standing armies usually have their rights destroyed
  • The British have been protected by the seas and don’t need them.
  • If we can emulate this situation, we can prosper with our rights intact.

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