Federalist No. 2 – John Jay (1787-1788)

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Federalist No.2 – John Jay

  • Q: Should we have just one federal government or many separate confederacies with multiple governments?
  • The fate of America depends on staying united and giving its brightest citizens the chance to set up a good government.
  • America is not a bunch of separate territories but physically connected, with ethnically similar people with one language, one set of customs and the same yearning for liberty. They should not be separated.
  • Americans must have the same national rights to be able to preserve all our freedoms and secure ourselves from danger from abroad and within our own borders.
  • Under the Articles of Confederation, many states have been conducting their own diplomacy and coining their own money, putting us all at risk by potentially establishing conflicting foreign policies and leaving the federal government unable to tax the states and provide them with a unifying federal protection against aggression and ability to pay debts.

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