Federalist No. 10 – James Madison (1787-1788)

One of the greatest Founding Fathers… Ronnie James Dio

Federalist No. 10 – James Madison

  • The best argument for the Constitution is that it controls damage and chaos of factions – people have banded together to promote and protect special economic and political interests.
    • These often work against the public’s interest.
  • The Articles of Confederation and strong, independent minded state governments have been unable to stop these factions.
  • Factions are natural because men have varying and conflicting interests and seek out like-minded people and begin taking action to help themselves.
    • Men with more talent tend to have more land than the less talented à property rights must be defended against the jealous.
    • The government’s job is to regulate conflicts between landowners and those who don’t have land and stop or control factions, remove causes thereof and control their effects.
      • This is unlikely to remove cause because you must destroy liberty or make everyone the same.
      • It’s hard to control factions because the largest ones dominate the weaker ones. They can’t protect property and civil rights.
    • In theory, the men chosen for office will be wise and able.
    • Faction members may win elections but are unlikely in large countries à makes it harder to deceive the people.
    • If more sects are available for people to join, more and more voices are around to drown out the effect of factions and guard against mob rule.
    • The larger a country, the weaker the effect of a single mob and making it more difficult to impose bad ideas or laws on people.
    • The 13 states must have a secure union because most of them border land of a foreign nation. Border states are the most vulnerable but have the most to gain from a union.

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